One of my favorite albums of the year so far is AWOLNATION’s Megalithic Symphony. “Sail” is the obvious hit song from the album but one underappreciated song is “Wake Up.” The song is a dancey, upbeat, bass-driven song that follows “Sail” and propels the album to its close. See for yourself:


Then there is the tried and true “Wake Up” from that band called, Rage Against the Machine. Their “Wake Up” is the standout track from their self-titled debut album from 1991. It’s no surprise that the song is placed in the heart of the album because their “Wake Up” features the band hitting on all cylinders. Having the song featured during the final sequence of the Matrix didn’t hurt either:


Lastly, what is by now considered an indie rock classic, the Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” is a song of an almost cathartic nature. Their “Wake Up” ends The Funeral and it leaves the listener with a sense of hope as Win Butler finishes off the song with the exclamation, “You better look out below!” When witnessing the band perform the song live, it’s almost impossible to feel the sense of urgency and conviction that defines the Arcade Fire:



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